Komputerwiz Dolphins

Howdy! My name is Matthew Barry (a.k.a. komputerwiz). You may have seen me around the web on Github, Twitter, or other social sites. In general, if you’ve seen these dolphins, then it’s me.

Welcome to my blog! I post whatever is on my mind at random moments and intervals. I try to find time every few weeks to post an entry, but I can’t make any promises: what’s the use in posting something if I don’t have anything to post? ;-)

In case you are wondering why I have a main site and this blog site, I needed a separate place where I can put my personal entries. My business website was for business only, and I thought it would be unprofessional to have personal content on it, so I have migrated all of that stuff to this site. Now that my business is effectively retired, I use my main site as a portfolio and hosting area for web applications and projects.

Happy Reading!

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