Narrated Chess Moves

A recent presentation at my local Amateur Radio Club meeting brought to mind the issue of precisely communicating chess moves over the radio or phone. Since I am reasonably familiar with chess (Elo rating 1350), I thought I would offer my opinion.

Algebraic chess notation solves the problem of recording and transmitting chess moves in a concise text-based format. This post serves as a reference for communicating this algebraic notation verbally.

Here is an example game in algebraic notation and narrated:

# white black
1. e4 "echo four" e5 "echo five"
2. Nf3 "knight foxtrot three" f6 "foxtrot six"
3. Nxe5 "knight takes echo five" fxe5 "foxtrot takes echo five"
4. Qh5+ "queen hotel five check" Ke7 "king echo seven"
5. Qxe5+ "queen takes echo five check" Kf7 "king foxtrot seven"
6. Bc4+ "bishop charlie four check" d5 "delta five"
7. Bxd5+ "bishop takes delta five check" Kg6 "king golf six"
8. h4 "hotel four" h5 "hotel five"
9. Bxb7 "bishop takes bravo seven" Bxb7 "bishop takes bravo seven"
10. Qf5+ "queen foxtrot five check" Kh6 "king hotel six"
11. d4+ "delta four check" g5 "golf five"
12. Qf7 "queen foxtrot seven" Qe7 "queen echo seven"
13. hxg5+ "hotel takes golf five check" Qxg5 "queen takes golf five"
14. Rxh5# "rook takes hotel five checkmate"