Komputerwiz Website Relaunch

Komputerwiz.net, my “flagship site”, served as my business home page while I was a self-employed web developer. In its time, this site helped me save for my undergraduate degree, but now I have even bigger plans for it.

As I focused on my studies, I stopped taking on new projects and stopped actively promoting my business, which effectively put a hold on my flagship website. To be clear, I was not giving up web development 1: to this day, I continue to support and maintain all of the sites that I previously developed. I have also started a couple new websites as undergraduate projects, most notably MathLex, my Honors Undergraduate Thesis.

Recently, my flagship site seemed to be begging for attention. I own several other sites under the komputerwiz.net domain (such as this site) that would remain active indefinitely, so I saw no reason to leave the flagship site in this state: then my domain would be like a body without a head… scary!

Therefore, I have decided to redevelop my old site on the shiny new rock-solid Symfony 2.4 framework 2, give it a new look (but not reinvent the wheel) with Bootstrap, and try out a few new tricks like Backbone.js and RequireJS. I wanted to repurpose the site as a central hub for my other projects, mini apps, and a portfolio for all things “Komputerwiz”. By the way, since the site would no longer reflect (solely) my web development business, I have dropped the “web design” part from the site title and rechristened the site as simply Komputerwiz.

Of course my site would not be complete without my four Komputerwiz dolphins, so I had to give them a prominent position on the new redesign.

  1. I fear I might go crazy from programming withdrawal if I ever gave up web development. ↩︎

  2. I made my business site well before I knew about Symfony, which I believe would have been in version 1.2 at the time (back in the lowercase “symfony” days). ↩︎